Spread a Layer of Protection on the Roof of Your Property in Hackney, London

By exploiting state-of-the-art technology, our unique roof treatment is able to offer exceptional roof protection, as well as a number of additional benefits. At Texacote Ltd, in Hackney, London, our unique roof coatings also make the crown of your home water and dirt repellent. Protect the entire exterior of your property by applying our wall coatings to your building’s façade.

Superior Properties

The RENOTEC™ roof coating is scientifically developed by specialised engineers with more than 30 years of experience in developing high-quality protective coatings for the roofing industry. Treatments using RENOTEC coatings will extend the life expectancy of roof tiles and eliminate further surface erosion. It has also been developed to transform roofs in a dirty and unattractive condition into a clean, shiny, and pristine surface.

Utilising an Organic Formula

Based on a special, organic, 100% acrylic formula that is free of APEO, and containing specially selected pigments, RENOTEC roof coating is the leading roof coating system in Germany. It was engineered to ensure the roofs it is applied to become resistant to weather influences caused by rain, frost, and sun.

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Restorative Features

There are many reasons why RENOTEC is a popular choice for roof restoration. Not only does it extend the lifespan of the tiles, improve the appearance of the roof, and rebuild the original surface protection, but it is also swift and easy to install and may increase the value of the property. RENOTEC also offers significant savings by providing a more affordable alternative to having a complete roof replacement.

Repelling Water and Dirt

The excellent water-repellent properties of RENOTEC will make sure that your roof stays dry and is extremely resistant to biological hazards, such as mould and mildew. These dry roof tiles will then, in turn, become more thermally resistant, preventing frost damage and reducing the growth of microbial spores. As dirt particles are unable to hold on to the coating, they will simply flow off in rainfall, which means that a surface lathered with RENOTEC roof coating is essentially self-cleaning.