Preventing Warmth from Escaping by Insulating the Walls of Your Home in Hackney, London

During the cold winter months, it is inevitable that your energy bills will rise due to an increase in the activity of your boiler and central heating. However, excessive increases may be caused by your property’s poor insulation, which leads to heat and warm air escaping. At Texacote Ltd, in Hackney, London, we carry out thorough external wall insulation that will help to keep your property warmer for longer.

A Fast and Efficient Application

In order to provide our clients with the highest standard of service, we only use the finest products for the job. K Rend is a reputable manufacturer of rendering and insulation materials. Using their products means that we can complete the insulation with just a single, one time application.

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Surveying the Job

Prior to any work being carried out, we insist on completing a site survey and consultation with the customer to accurately define their needs and calculate a quote. Our team will visit your property as surveyors, not as sales people, ensuring that only the work that is necessary is carried out. They will talk you through every available option and explain the process to give you an understanding of the work taking place.

Shielding the Insulation

With the application of our wall coatings, we are able to protect the façade of your property from the effects of lingering water. Rain will disperse from the wall immediately, preventing water intrusion and future problems with damp.