Apply a Strong but Attractive Coating to Your Exterior Walls in Hackney, London

Create a uniform and attractive surface on the exterior of your property by allowing our team to apply advanced wall coatings and finishes. At Texacote Ltd, in Hackney, London, our wall and roof coatings are of the highest quality. Combining an eye-catching appearance with durability and weather-resistance, our high-performance coatings are sure to suit your needs.

Various Beneficial Properties

Texacote uses a range of high performance exterior wall insulation systems from a number of manufacturers to suit a variety of exterior surfaces and customer's requirements. 

This involves adding an insulating layer to the outside of the house, and putting a render or cladding over the top. 

Render is generally the most cost effective  option. Cladding comes in a variety of forms including brick, tiles, timber or shingles.

You may need planning permission for external wall insulation, so make sure you check with your local planning department before proceeding . It may not be suitable for the front of some period houses, but you may be able to insulate the back of a property.
The most common insulating material is polystyrene. The render finish usually consists of a reinforced base coat followed by a decorative mineral or synthetic finish of your choice.

EWI Systems may increase a properties energy efficiency reducing Heating bills.
External Wall Insulation also aims reduce ‘cold spots’ and hence alleviate condensation.
Aesthetically adding an EWI system can totally transform and modernize the look of your home, this may also add increased value to your property.

Contact us now, in Hackney, London, to obtain more information about our wall coatings and finishes.

Making Aesthetic Improvements

Wall coatings are available in a wide variety of colours, meaning they can suit any customer's requirements and tastes, as well as an extensive selection of surface textures, including smooth, untextured finishes, fine, textured finishes, and heavy, bark-like textures. The use of a texture may not be advantageous on a new, even surface, but on older properties that have suffered from scars and imperfections, or are in need of surface repairs, a system that incorporates a texture is often a huge benefit and can completely transform the appearance of a wall. The heavier the texture that is applied, the greater the coating’s ability to cover surface repairs and imperfections is. We provide a range of texture samples for our clients, and they can be viewed when you request a quote.

Here Are Examples of Wall Insulation Benefits

  • 1. Reduces heating bills by reducing heat loss through walls
  • 2. Thermal efficiency of walls can be increased by 85%
  • 3. Environmentally friendly – reduces carbon emissions as you use less fossil fuel
  • 4. Reduce condensation (EWI raises the temperature of internal walls)
  • 5. Prevent damp & mould: EWI seals buildings from the elements
  • 6. Improve acoustics: hi-density insulation reduces sound transfer
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