Apply a Strong but Attractive Coating to Your Exterior Walls in Hackney, London

Create a uniform and attractive surface on the exterior of your property by allowing our team to apply advanced wall coatings and finishes. At Texacote Ltd, in Hackney, London, our wall and roof coatings are of the highest quality. Combining an eye-catching appearance with durability and weather-resistance, our high-performance coatings are sure to suit your needs.

Various Beneficial Properties

Typically, exterior wall coatings have a high resin content, which makes them highly weather resistant, hardwearing, and improves their adhesion properties. They also tend to be applied in larger amounts than traditional paint systems, sometimes in layers that are up to 20 times thicker. These qualities ensure exceedingly long life spans, and often result in wall coatings outlasting traditional paint by many years.

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Making Aesthetic Improvements

Wall coatings are available in a wide variety of colours, meaning they can suit any customer's requirements and tastes, as well as an extensive selection of surface textures, including smooth, untextured finishes, fine, textured finishes, and heavy, bark-like textures. The use of a texture may not be advantageous on a new, even surface, but on older properties that have suffered from scars and imperfections, or are in need of surface repairs, a system that incorporates a texture is often a huge benefit and can completely transform the appearance of a wall. The heavier the texture that is applied, the greater the coating’s ability to cover surface repairs and imperfections is. We provide a range of texture samples for our clients, and they can be viewed when you request a quote.