Applying Impenetrable Coatings to Protect Walls and Roofs

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Quality Wall Coatings 

When you need to protect the exterior of your property, you do not have to choose between appearance and durability. Our advanced wall coatings offer an exceptional aesthetic as well as long-lasting protection.

Protection for Your Roof

Inclement weather is not unusual in the UK, and your roof bears the brunt of it. Over time, this leads to degradation, which can result in damage occurring inside your property. Avoid a catastrophe by applying our roof coatings.

Maintaining Exterior Walls

Similarly to your roof, your walls are often the victim of damage caused by exposure to destructive weather conditions. Using first-class materials, our applicators are capable of completing uniform render repairs on your walls.

Trapping Warmth Internally

Although insulating lofts and roofs has become a popular home improvement over recent years, few people think about insulating their walls. Our team use the finest products and materials to trap warmth inside your home.

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About Us

Choose the highest standard of materials to protect the walls and roof of your property.

At Texacote Ltd, in Hackney, London, our coating specialists supply and apply high-quality surface coatings that protect masonry walls and roofs.

Without sacrificing on appearance, our finishes are sure to enhance the longevity of surfaces at any residential, commercial, or industrial property. For more than 25 years we have been protecting our clients’ investments using the finest products available.

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